Out Now!

My new record ‘Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky’ is out now!

This 3 track EP features the songs ‘Fingernails’, ‘Me And The Devil’ and ‘Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky’ with contributions from guest musicians Lisa de’ Ville, Simon Broomhead, Rachel McClean, Joe Strange, Liz Frencham and Mark Nelson, and cover artwork by Ariel Hache.

The EP is available via iTunes, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Spotify, CD Baby, BandcampSoundcloud and many more*.

Bandcamp customers can get a special ‘25% off’ promo bundle of both my EPs – ‘Let’s Build An Airport‘ and ‘Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky‘.

Check out the lyric video for the title track here.

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What Do Volcanoes Taste Like?

Another week of weird and wonderful things that pour out of ten year old heads.

One pupil has just discovered Aerosmith and was sharing the good news with his buddies. How would you describe them? Like this

Kid A: You know Aragorn? In Lord Of The Rings? You know the elf woman he fancies? Well her dad is the singer in Aerosmith!

Kid B: Lord Elrond is the singer in Aerosmith!?!?!?!

He went on to describe Steven Tyler as “Elvis made completely of scarves”.

In another school things got wildly off course and onto roosters – defined as “a male chicken”. Kid C replies:

“Chickens don’t have genders”

This was rapidly followed up, apropos nothing, with “Volcanoes taste like wood.” My attempts to restore order (and sanity) were met with a classic 10-year old diss

“Matt, you got your life from a happy meal”

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Singer Songwriter Academy Files

Sand V1 – Single Track Vox
Sand V1 – Double Track Vox
Fireballs V1
Wounds V1

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Inspire Singer/Songwriter Bootcamp 2017

In August I had the pleasure of working with Nina Smith and Elliot Labatte (Silver Wilson) on another Singer/Songwriter bootcamp. We spent an intensive 5 days writing, recording and performing with a very talented bunch of 13-19 year olds. Some of them wrote their very first songs. Click on the links below to listen or download.

Luca, Joe and Anisia
Sam, Sam and Tom

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Demo Albums

or is it albums of demos? Either way I’ve decided to begin compiling/curating my audio archives. You can download the first one right here

Home Truths 2016

The download includes 16 songs ranging from metal guitar instrumentals, political songs, style parodies, a song about York, a love song for my wife, a song called biscuit that’s not about biscuits and lots more. There’s also chord sheet pdfs for most songs and even a few pages of guitar TAB. Enjoy.

Oh and you can still access individual songs on the Song Vault page

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Songs With Pupils 2017

I’ll be adding songs to this page as I go

(right click to download)

School DNA – Unknown Rapitide

U.A.D.O.R. – Lauren & Henry

Other stuff you might like

Race To The Top

Matt’s Songs

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