JJ Rosa

Don’t know much about Jessica Rose Hancock aka JJ Rosa other than she’s from Stockport near Manchester and she’s a great guitarist.

Check her out on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud.

Free Downloads - Step Aside [Live] here or the Live At The Deaf Institute EP here


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Matt Wood: Kirkby Guitar Blues

I taught Matt Wood many years ago, when he was still at school. He started lessons on the recommendation of his school friend Joe Strange and I’m proud to say he wrote a song about his experience!

Recently we wrote two songs together for FAWM 2014 – This Is Real Life
and Unnecessarily Pimped-Out Horse TruckAs well as being talented songwriter, Matt also customises guitars.

Check out the Former Pupil Wall Of Fame

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Tom Waits On … Having Multiple Influences

Kathleen [Brennan - Tom's wife] was the first person who convinced me that you can take James White and the Blacks, and Elmer Bernstein and Leadbelly—folks that could never be on the bill together—and that they could be on the bill together in you. You take your dad’s army uniform and your mom’s Easter hat and your brother’s motorcycle and your sister’s purse and stitch them all together and try to make something meaningful out of it.

Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters (p.256)

You know when you throw a party, you think people will show up and no one will like each other. It’s like that with music – parts of your musical psyche have never met other parts. You wonder if you should get them together.

Brainy Quotes

I have a kind of miscellaneous quality to myself

Interviews And Encounters (p.287)

More Tom Waits wisdom here

(you can find a lot of the interviews online at www.tomwaitsfan.com).

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Deeper Flint Communication Forever

The last few weeks have been a manic series of gigs – everything from a solo gig, a 6 year olds ukelele club playing in the open air, to Deeper Than Forever‘s BBC Introducing/Single Launch at the Old Library in Mansfield

The guys did brilliantly, and you can hear the single here…

…and on the NUSIC podcast here. The group I worked with last year New Communication were also on the bill. They’re turning into a formidable live band.

Both bands were featured on the BBC Introducing radio show along with Heather Flint, a former member of New Communication who was debut her new solo EP Interest in Me

Check out more former students here

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Let’s Build A Record Store

I missed this mini review from Indie muso Tom Slatter but thanks to google it eventually turned up. I’m thrilled to hear my EP described as “really rather spiffing”. Tom has some interesting thoughts about Record Store Day too.

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