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Here are four tips Brenton Brown gave in a seminar for Vineyard UK in Dec 2000.

1) Take writing Biblically sound and artistically compelling lyrics seriously.

Brenton says “Having been involved in four Vineyard recording projects [and] having sat on the song panel for three of those projects and listened to over 200 song submissions by song writers from Vineyards around the country, I’ve come to the conclusion that the challenge typically is not about melody or feel … Almost always, the panel will have to turn a song down because there are problems lyrically“.

2) Write extensively and freely before you start analysing what you’ve written.

“It’s far harder to re-engage in the creative process after you’ve been editing the first verse and chorus for the last hour. It’s like switching brains. So, try to have as much creative raw material to begin with as possible”.

3) Research your topic thoroughly.

Meaning read and meditate on what the Bible has to say about whatever you’re writing about. Use commentaries, concordances, listen to mp3 sermons etc

4) “Look for phrases and images that ‘re-express’ your main message”.

For example ‘Jesus, be the centre’ expresses the central concept 10 different ways.

from Song writing: The Importance of Good Lyrics and Song Vision: Brenton Brown

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