Son of God/God the Son

Son of God/God the Son takes it’s inspiration from John ch.1 and is my attempt to sum up the wonder and the mystery of the incarnation.

The music is minor key yet worshipful, acoustic yet aggressive.

Son of God, God the Son,
Eternal Uncreated One
You became what you were not
When you became a man.

Purest light, no stain of sin,
Glory cloaked in human skin
Flesh & bone your offering,
You lived & died a man.

And so all we long to do
Is grow more in love with you
Jesus Christ, with all our hearts
We worship you
To you be the loudest praise
Your name far above all names
Jesus Christ, Risen One
Son of God, God the Son
We worship you.

Emmanuel you dwell with us,
A diamond in the human dust,
To save the fallen ones you loved
You became a man.

Gave up your rights, not once but twice –
An outlaw’s death, a servant’s life
Now raised in honour, glorified,
You reign as God and Man.

Lk.1: 35, Lk.24: 39, Jn. 6:51, Isa.7: 13, Php. 2:3-9, 1 Cor 15:43

© Matt Blick 2008 Grace Church Nottingham.

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