Stef Liston on Charismatic Worship

Stef Liston recently gave an excellent talk on Charismatic worship at a recent CCK worship school. Stef has been part of a charismatic church since the days when there were “more tambourines than people” and knows his stuff.
He covers things like:

  • Why having one worship leader is a bad idea
  • How worship leaders need to stop strumming
  • Don’t set the standard for contributions too high for 90% of the people. Encourage them to pick a psalm to read and work out where they’re going to stop.
  • Don’t sing too many ‘Old Covenant’ songs (i.e. songs without any reference to Christ’s Life and death – Moses could have sung them!)
  • How to avoid “the usual suspects” contributing all the time
  • Try having a set list of one song maximum!
  • And why checking all contributions through an elder is a bad idea.

By way of a recommendation, we have practiced many of things Stef is advocating at Grace Church  for the last seven years. Even now, with a morning congregation of 250, we plan 2 songs max. For many years it was 1 (or none). All prayers, prophecies, songs come from ‘the floor’ assisted by about 10 ceiling mounted mikes. When people speak, we generally stop strumming. This may interrupt the musical flow, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t seem to mind!

Download the audio here. (Don’t miss the separate Q&A session)

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