The Five Vegetables You Meet In Heaven…



The Tomato has a plank in his eye.
The last few years have witnessed an unfortunate trend. ‘Praise & Worship’ has become ‘hip’ and therefore ‘profitable’. 
There’s money to be made ‘in them thar hills(ongs)’. 

So what we’ve seen is many artists hitching a ride on the worship gravy train. One of the weirdest is Veggie Tales.

Now I love the little edible sunday school teachers when they’re singing about Water Buffaloes, Pirates and Cheeseburgers but, like the guys who object to ‘christian’ puppets testifying that Jesus Christ had washed away their sins, hearing an asparagus praise his saviour in a deliberately out of key comedy way is, for me, a step too far.  But that’s not the most surreal part.
In the song ‘Here I am To Worship’ the veggies duet with Natalie Grant. But they replace the line 

“hope of a life spent with you”
with a line taken from the other verse   

“all for love’s sake became poor”
Now, admittedly, it’s a weak line and theologically vague, but who in the great corporate salad bowl that is Big Idea Ltd is so scrupulous about doctrinal orthodoxy and yet happy for the song to be covered by a bunch of comedy food?

Each VT installment has some kind of life lesson to take away. This little episode has two.
For those who value Biblical worship and doctrinal purity-
It’s possible to be faithful to the message and still belittle God in the way you deliver the message.
And for those who don’t-
Do you really want to be less orthodox than a bunch of money-grabbing vegetables?

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