I Wanna Be Like You – oo – oo

Is it just me or does anyone else feel a migraine coming on just watching this thing, let alone using it?

I have this crazy, out of the box, blue sky alternative –


Get some CD’s or some sheet music and try to figure it out with out someone chewing it all and pre-digesting it for you. Who know? You might even up sounding like yourself.


I remember Steve Taylor singing a long time ago about how ‘Cloneliness is next to Godliness’

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4 Responses to I Wanna Be Like You – oo – oo

  1. Anonymous says:

    i wish i could have simple yet inspriring backgrounds when im trying to read and learn the lyrics and tune to a song, that'd enhance my worship experience no end!!

    phil j

  2. Matt Blick says:

    I find black to be a "simple yet inspriring background"

    It don't get no simpler!

  3. Phil I says:

    …I didn't realise till 3 minutes in that they were serious. I especially liked the implicit next step: if your band's not that good, turn them down and have them mime along to us playing through the right channel!

  4. Matt Blick says:

    Good point Phil.

    Have you noticed the sound of clapping and cheering right at the start ?

    I wonder if you can add that into the right channel aswell? Another useful 'resource' if your band isn't that good!

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