Free Download: David Crowder – How He Loves

OK you might have to jump on this one quickly. A free download of
David Crowder Band‘s new single
How He Loves from the new album
Church Music.

I’m told it will only be up for today on Tangle.Com!

(Update 25/09/09 – Yep it’s been replaced – sorry if you missed it. If I find it anywhere else for free I’ll put up a new link, but if you can’t wait you can buy it here).

11/11/09 Or you can download the Jared Anderson version (complete with controversial “sloppy wet kiss” line) free from iTickets.

SoulAudio.Com has a rave review of “far the best album of 2009” here.

Preview a bunch of the tracks on myspace

The Free Christian Music Blog saw it first

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2 Responses to Free Download: David Crowder – How He Loves

  1. Anonymous says:

    I should have known by the song title…but only just clicked now listening to it – the song's originally by "Jesus Culture" or some similar named group/church/ministry in America.

    Definitely suits Crowder's style though – the metaphors/words, etc.

  2. Matt Blick says:

    Yeah it's a cover of a song by John Mark McMillan and previously covered by Kim Walker, but with the controversial "sloppy wet kisses" line changed.

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