First Black President

First Black President is quite a departure from any songs I’ve written before and certainly any songs I’ve posted on this site. It’s not a ‘church’ song, it’s not even really aimed at a Christian audience, though it is still informed and influenced by my Christian faith. It’s a pro-life song.
Having felt for a long time that I should at least attempt to say something in the defense of the unborn, last summer I set myself a challenge of writing 4 songs from the point of view of the unborn addressed to parents, potential parents or medics.
It was a crazy goal, but I did it and so I’ll be posting free mp3s of the ‘Neverborn songs’, one per fortnight for the next two months, as well as posting a little more about the inspiration for each song and for writing about the pro-life cause. I really like to hear your feedback on the demos.
First Black President was an idea I’d had knocking around for quite a while but, like all the songs was written in one week, a few hours every morning at my church’s offices.

You took away my birthday
Never gave me a name
Didn’t know my gender
But you can’t forget my age
Because thoughts come crashing down on you
In a playground full of kids
Just who do you think I would have been
If you hadn’t done the thing you did?

I could have been a contender
The heavyweight champion of the world
Could have been a big sister
To your pretty little baby girl
I could have laughed and danced and drove a car
Wound up as messed up as you are
I might have even been the boy that heaven sent
To be the first black President.

There’s a spot on the wall in your home
My picture would have hung
Is it a barren place now?
Or have you filled it with someone?
Thoughts crawl out of the woodwork
Too many to swat away.
Just who do you think I would have been
If you hadn’t made the choice you made?

I, I could have been a hero
Covered in glory ‘cos I gave my life
I could have been a mother
Three young kids and working nights
I could have been a nurse or a football coach
Could have had your smile, your eyes, your nose
Would my coming still be something you’d lament
If I’d have been the first black President?

Download the free CHORD sheet
‘Behind The Song’ post (You can also watch an amateur video of the first live performance here).

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5 Responses to First Black President

  1. charlotte says:

    Thanks Matt for making me thinking about this stuff…. I've thought about it quite a lot in the past and have become more sympathetic to the plight of mothers with unwanted pregnancies but this is a frank reminder of the the lives that are lost when we choose to take life into our own hands. Thanks for writing it and putting it on your blog.
    Much love, Charlotte

  2. Matt Blick says:

    Thanks for taking the time to send some encouragement my way Charlotte. Make sure you come back and check out the other prolife songs I'll be posting here

  3. Jeff Burton says:

    Great lyrics again. Are you on FB? I looked for you, but I couldn’t find you. You should put the site link on there.

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