Stop Singing, Start Worshipping And Get On That Treadmill!

Want to know how to work out whether a band is christian or not? Josh Harris (via Sound Doxology) is happy to help. (click to enlarge).

Are you a leader who needs to get back to the heart of worship? This talk by Dave Holden will do you good.

But maybe you want to kill off congregational singing in ten easy steps? Let Jamie Brown lead you.

I’m just discovering OK Go. Apologies if you’re one of the 47 ,000,000,000 people who have already seen this video.

On a personal note last week saw my 800th song download. Thanks to every one of you. Hope you liked ’em. If you did, tell a friend. They’re all free! Also over at the blog after 909 I’ve blogged my way through the Beatles first album. Only another 12 or so to go…

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