The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment – mp3s, sheet music, pens, novelty hats…
What if Carlos Santana was your Sunday School teacher?

After posting the mp3 for my classic kids song “The Greatest Commandment” sometime in the late Jurassic period I’ve finally gotten around to posting most of the rest of the stuff I promised.

So feast your ears on the mp3 OR the mp3 backing track -perfect for Sunday school/youth churches with no musicians OR people that can’t stand my vocals. (if you can’t stand any of my playing or songwriting I’m hoping to post an mp3 of complete silence as soon as I clear it with John Cage’s lawyers).

Feast your eyeballs on downloadable Lyrics, easy play Chord Sheet and the slightly harder, but bodaciously jazzy, Recorded Version Chord Sheet.

It’s all free.

I will get around to doing a ‘behind the song’ post – expect that some time between The Beatles reforming and Jamaica winning Curling gold at the winter Olympics. And the ‘greatest cow-mandment’ 1/4-pounder will be in a fast food outlet near you just after that…

And if you love it, even slightly, leave me a comment – please!

Have you written any other killer songs Matt? 
Why, thank you for asking – yes I have. Would you like to hear them?
Boy would I ever!
Well here you go then young fella me lad!  Free songs by Matt Blick

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