New Songs, Dad Songs & Don’t Make Me Laugh Songs

I’ve been aware for a long time that bands get bored of a song just as the congregation is getting into it, but now Jamie Brown has done the math. Check it out, especially if you suffer from NSEW (new song every week) syndrome.

Want to know what your Dad was rockin’ out to back in the day? (assuming your Dad was a mulleted headed Christian). Popdose of all places is running a Top 50 Contemporary Christian Albums countdown. Expect horror, cheese and the occasional hidden gem. And lots of big hair.

American songwriter have posted a PRS poll of the Top 10 songs that make men cry. I gotta say it’s the list that made me cry. Assuming some of those guys may have been gay takes care of Candle in the Wind (no 7), but Unchained Melody???

Read it and weep.

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New Song, Free Download – You Spoke The Stars (Mercy)

Free songs by Matt Blick

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