Day 16: Bottlenecks & Birthdays

80% more successful as a songwriter. What does that look like? Well last year (which is as good a benchmark as any) I achieved the following –

Wrote 7 songs in one year
Wrote 5 songs in 3 months
Wrote 2 songs in 1 month.

Yesterday I started work on the 3rd song of Jan 2011 Shang Ding Hong Song. I’m hoping to finish that and a rewrite of another tune (which I need YOUR help for – tune in on Tues) before things really get exciting in Feb.

So where are all these songs?

Ah. Well.

There’s bound to be a bottleneck when you’re the chief cook and bottleneck washer/writer/publisher, and general dogsbody. But also at the moment I don’t have all the gear I need. Thanks to my wonderful wife‘s fiscal juggling skills I now have my very own mac, but the interface, mic, stand, mic lead and keyboard controller had to wait. The good news is my birthday‘s coming up soon so I might get lucky (and feel free to increase my luck by clicking on the donate button way down on the right hand sidebar (click through to my blog if you’re reading this in a feedreader).

The other good news is that I have a backlog of 3 songs from last year that I’m very exciting to share with you and I’ll be posting the first, (Everything Is) Broken, next week.

Did I do any writing today, or just begging for money/goods and services?

Well 50% of today was taking up playing the role of frazzled parent, 15% frazzled Liverpool FC fan, and when you factor in time for church, meals, blogging and prep for work tomorrow, didn’t leave a lot of day left…

but my wife slapped me on the butt – literally and sent me out of the door for half an hour. Every songwriter needs someone to slap them.

Ain’t art romantic?

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5 Responses to Day 16: Bottlenecks & Birthdays

  1. Rob From Amersfoort says:

    Kuyt rocks!

  2. Ali Smith says:

    I'm too busy thesis writing to be doing any recording at the minute so if you want to borrow then for a bit i have an SM57, XLR, stand and Presonus Audiobox. They're just paper weights at the minute!

  3. Matt Blick says:

    Hey Ali – I'd be happy to look after your paperweights for a while! That would be brilliant.

    And yes Rob – Kuyt saved us on Sunday and that wasn't the first time!

  4. Ali Smith says:

    Cool, will try and remember to bring them in on Sunday!

  5. Matt Blick says:

    Thanks so much Ali!

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