Day 37:Cuh-Ray-Zee

Things are getting magnadoodle sized odd.I’m writing like cuh-ray-zee.


But it means things are going out of the window. Like having time to objectively look at the songs I’m writing and see if they’re any good. I’ve had quite a few low moments in the last few days, even though I think I’m writing some good stuff, getting lots of downloads and positive comments and WRITING MORE SONGS (which was kind of the point).

So yesterday I finished TWO SONGS!!!!!

While You Sleep The World Still Turns Without You – a lullaby for adults (not that it’s rude or anything) but just that John Piper said “God gave us sleep to remind us every night that we are not God” – I’m paraphrasing, help me out of you know the quote.

So download that – I guarantee that most of you will be weirded out and disappointed. Some will like it though.

And I also wrote I Got Lost a 2 string emo rock song. A very talented FAWMER Steven Wesley Guiles likened it to post Christian stuff like Pedro the Lion and David Bazan. I’m not post-Christian myself, but I am on a journey to be more emotionally honest in my songwriting so there you go.

I’m putting all FAWM songs on my new download page till I have time to do the coding on the regular one.


after Church, where numerous people told me

They preferred my version of the notices
I’ve ruined the notices for them forever
They wish I would sing the notices
They like my song

…I was so discombobulated by everything I had to do that I took two hours to
type up old lyrics,
post on fawm,
update links,
move bits of paper from one folder to a completely different folder


write a checklist to help me move bits of paper into different folders more effectively in the future


was shocked and surprised upon going to Shabby Road for an hour that I wrote another song. It’s a penitent worship song based on Dan 5:23 (I think) in 3/4 (I’m into 3/4 in a big way recently) in Em and using possibly the most evil sounding chord sequence in the universe Em – Cm.

I hope to record it tomorrow – it’s called Wood & Stone.

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2 Responses to Day 37:Cuh-Ray-Zee

  1. Mat says:

    Two more cracking tracks – I particularly liked the I got Lost song! – Beautiful lyrics!

    The While you sleep one is very interesting.

    I'm liking the album title! :D

  2. Matt Blick says:

    Thanks Mat – which title? Forgive me! My brain is turning to mud!

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