Day 38: The Well Dries Up (Or Does It)


 – I started writing 8 different songs with pupils at a school. EIGHT. Early titles are “I broke my leg on a monkey”, “Don’t sit on the chair” and “Old man’s facial hair”. The deal was the kids had to bring something in, a riff, a chord pattern, a bunch of lyrics. So I may end up writing two albums in February. Oh Mercy!


I didn’t record Wood & Stone. I put that on the back burner in order to write and record a vocal part for a collaboration with Steven Wesley Guiles and got NOWHERE.

Possible causes might be trying to be too clever, not able to write to a bare backing, lack of iron, low blood sugar, voodoo – who knows

I don’t know if you can say you’re feeling dry on your 9th song of the day, but that’s what it feels like

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I’m still planning to fit some writing in somewhere. Maybe lunch, on the bus, in a parallel universe…

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!

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