Day 50: Here’s The Reason My Mac Kept Crashing

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I’m very pleased to announce FAWM song no 10 – I Lost My Capo

It’s a mash up sample fest made up largely of sounds generated by my children’s toys, along with a sample of a birthday message from Nicholas Tozier, my daughter speaking german and a couple of garageband loops.

Hope you like it. It cost me blood, sweat and gigabytes

Download I Lost My Capo here

After 2 days at home mixing this I’m hoping to be back at Shabby Rd tomorrow writing a new song (maybe another collaboration) and cranking out some more kids songs.

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Songwriter/Singer from Nottingham, UK. My 2nd EP, Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky, is out now. I'm blogging (& podcasting) through the entire Beatles catalogue at Beatles Songwriting Academy. In my spare time I wish I had some spare time.
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4 Responses to Day 50: Here’s The Reason My Mac Kept Crashing

  1. Rob From Amersfoort says:

    Number 9 … Number 9 …. Eldorado …

  2. Matt Blick says:

    @Rob – Maybe Lennon's mac kept crashing too!

  3. Nicholas Tozier says:

    I bet you didn't know that I'm also a lounge comedian.

  4. Matt Blick says:

    I can just picture you behind a baby grand with a tip jar

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