Day 145: More Kids Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Lady Gaga attempts to eggscape from marauding pre-teen fans

Today I’ve been spending some much needed Kwal-Al-Tee time with my GLW (good lady wife). Then teaching kids. Teaching adults. Then doing a school gig. Traditionally no matter how many kids are down to do it a good percentage don’t turn up. So I wasn’t too fearful of putting a group of 40 kids aged 8-10 forward.

Well wouldn’t ya know it about 50 of the blighters showed up. So thanks to Long Jenny Silver Morton who helped me get all of em in tune so we could rock out with our rendishun of Bad Romance.

Oh Yes. I am, in fact, down with the kids.

After all that I felt, “I’m tired, I deserve a night off”. But I couldn’t do it people. I had to go down to the Matt Cave (aka my bedroom) and play through a few old songs for ideas.


  • A couple of really bad old songs filed away. Did I say bad? I should be doing a blog called Matt Blick Bad Songwriting Academy where my younger self demonstrates how NOT to write songs…
  • One bad old song called That My Heart May Sing that has something about the 2nd verse lyrics that speaks to me still. Back in the song starts folder for you. (Update: This has now become Never Be Silent)
  • Some transcriptions of old Vineyard songs that I now have the real music for – bin!
  • A song I transcribed written by my old pastor! In the ‘songs written by others’ folder
  • A crazy little interesting song that I never recorded called Small Is The Gate. Into the song starts folder. Maybe I’ll record it now I have some recording gear.

So that was a productive half hour.

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