Day 210: Let’s Go Surfing Now

Yesterday I didn’t have enough time to finish off Never Be Silent so I started a new song. It’s called 3/Smack Em In The Teeth.

Bear with me.

Reading through the Psalms recently I’ve been struck by the giant gulf between what I feel comfortable singing, or even just expressing in conversation, as a Christian and the range of emotions that the Psalmists feel at ease with singing. And by extension what God feels OK with, ‘cos it made it into his book. And I know not everything is there to be emulated but it must mean it’s OK to at least say some of these things out loud if that’s how you feel. So I’ve been toying with setting some of these unmentionables to music to try to break through some of my own cultural hangups. At the same time Tom of Cookie Finger has inspired me with his stripped down lofi Punk approach to 50/90 – so I’m going to pretend to be the Ramones.

So for reasons musical and exegetical I don’t anticipate (Psalm) 3/Smack Em In The Teeth is ever going to appear in anyone’s Sunday service. But it might remove a few of my emotional blind spots.

So that was the plan. But today I decided I didn’t want to kick off my 50/90 with a negative song that was prone to misunderstanding. So I wrote a song called I Came To Surf. What do I know about surfing? Nada, dude. But I know Wikipedia. I’m following in the great tradition of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, who had never been surfing in his life

Download my new song: Faithful & True for free!!!
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