Never In A Million Years

Never In A Million Years [2011] Humorous Rock
Let’s do some science in a song
Unapologetic apologetics. The Foo Fighters send back the soup.
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Let’s do some science in a song. Let’s pick a prehistoric pond.
It’s small and warm and has all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts.
Zapped with electricity, a protein forms there chemically
And once that protein’s fully formed, it’s ready to evolve some more.
That’s the theory now let’s try again with carbon dioxide
Water and some nitrogen and life will happen sometime … when?

Never, never in a million years
Never, never in ten million years
Never, never in a hundred million
Four hundred million years
Never in a million years

Let’s give Oparin his due, he proposed we should make soup
And Haldane said that it just might cook with ultraviolet light
Urey said we should put in methane and some hydrogen
So Miller cooked it but since when did we have those ingredients back then?


Don’t cry Charlie Darwin, what does Louis Pasteur know?
Just tell Frankie we can pin the whole damn thing on undetectable spacemen
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry
(That ship has sailed and it ain’t never coming back, there’s always
Much too much speculation running after too little facts)

But let’s just say you make that soup, most amino acids you can’t use
Right handed ones you throw away but keep a hundred lefties (give or take)
Stick ’em together with peptide glue. You’ve made a protein – clever you!
You know I hate to be a bore – for a cell, we only need 200 more.
Now we just got instructions left to write, 30 volumes worth that we gotta fit inside
There are only four letters in DNA, so how much longer do you think it’s gonna take?

A million years?
Or ten million years?
Maybe in a hundred million?
Four hundred million years?
Never in a million years.

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5 Responses to Never In A Million Years

  1. Rob From Amersfoort says:

    Original song subject, you have put a lot of effort in the text! I'm not sure if, when someone hears this for the first time, he understands the underlying message (part of the message is not in the chorus). The arrangement is excellent (did I hear a female backing singer). The only thing I miss is a bass, or maybe it's low in the mix? The intro reminds me of Liz Phair's Rock Me (not a bad thing!) The 2nd verse, bridge and the ending are exciting!

  2. Matt Blick says:

    Hey guys thanks so much. Re the message Rob, I agree! It's part "what the heck is that all about? I'd better give it another listen and google a few things" and part fail!

    It's my eldest daughter singing back up (going for the ethereal waif like samba BVs) The bass is very distorted and low in the mix. I struggle to get a good balance…sigh.

  3. Dan Rodger says:

    Hey Matt, liked the song, clever lyrics..I can tell a lot of work into this, is that you playing the guitar as-well? If so its very good.

  4. Matt Blick says:

    Thanks Dan! – Apart from my daughter on backing vocals, it's all me

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