Day 310: Love Nottingham And More Poo

Had a couple of hours at Shabby Road laying down song 44 – Maybe Your God’s On The Toilet. It will be up on the blog bright and early tomorrow morning.

In other news Nottingham’s newest (internet) radio station NGenious went live today. The big difference to our other station is NGenious plays all Nottingham music, as opposed to Radio whatever-trent-is-called-this-week which doesn’t play ANY music from Nottingham. Check it out.

Time for some internet love!

Warren Lee is a soul singer that I’d never heard of before I can across him on a New Orleans sampler. Here he is backed by The Meters

Chris Henson is one of those guys that makes you say “why aren’t you famous?”. I love practically everything I’ve heard by him, but why don’t you try Science Museum or Hate To Be That Guy on for size? (WARNING: Science Museum contains a bad word).

Just listening to Nottingham band The Money, I used to teach guitarist Jake when he was a kid

Free songs by Matt Blick

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Songwriter & Musical Educator from Nottingham, UK. New album Fifty Five Stories Down is out now. Blogging through the entire Beatles catalogue at Beatles Songwriting Academy.
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  1. ChrisBone says:

    Chris Henson here. Yes, "Science Museum" contains a bad word. But, only because our science museum contained a bad word when I took my daughter there a few years ago. It was a very "Catcher in the Rye" moment.

    Also, Matt, thank you for the mention! I wish you continuous success, kind sir!

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