The Weight of Glory – Live In The Studio

It’s been a long time since I last blogged – I’ve been playing with Balkan Gypsy Wedding Band Aistaguca (imagine if Kool & The Gang came from Serbia) and I’ve also started recording an EP!

I did preproduction on 7 tracks with a view to narrowing it down, and here’s one that didn’t fit in with the mood of the record but still turned out OK – The Weight Of Glory

You can download a live version recorded at Grace Church a few years ago, get the chord sheet or find out what inspired the song

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About mattblick

Songwriter/Singer from Nottingham, UK. My 2nd EP, Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky, is out now. I'm blogging (& podcasting) through the entire Beatles catalogue at Beatles Songwriting Academy. In my spare time I wish I had some spare time.
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4 Responses to The Weight of Glory – Live In The Studio

  1. Gary H. says:

    Wonderful, Matt. Very encouraging.

  2. Tozier says:

    Man, your voice has this great clarity in the high register. Very nice.

    I dig that this song came from the same hands and mind that produced "Shang Ding Hong." :D

  3. Matt Blick says:

    Thanks so much T! Yep Shang Ding Hong Song or Christian Worship song on the doctrine of Heaven – when I open my mouth there's no telling what's gonna come out!

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