Nottingham Sounds – Mountain Schmountain: Perfect Wreck EP


I have to recommend an EP that I absolutely LOVE. Nottingham singer/songwriter/bassist/graphic designer Simon J. Curd‘s solo project Mountain Schmountain has a small but perfectly formed EP out called “Perfect Wreck“.

What do I love about it? Simon’s arranging palette is refreshing  – distinctly English  vocals, acoustic guitar, cello and sampled typewriter are the primary instruments. But it’s his songwriting voice that stands out as being almost completely unique. Each song is a beautifully poetic miniature (average song length is 2:30) with an almost autistic attention to detail. Other songwriters spout cliches about lovers eyes. Simon notices irises adjusting to the amount of light in a room. His world is filled “the bright strings of spit that didn’t break after people kissed”,  a “tumbler gripped and lifted to lips ready to sip” and “the buttons of your long, brown coat”. The EP closer Scribble does little more than freeze on a single moment of crossing out words on paper.

It’s a rare piece of art that makes you see the world around you in a different way. Perfect Wreck does that for me.

You can ‘name your price’ for the EP – but in a world where artist routinely get stiffed by record labels why not reward Simon’s originality with a decent price?

Get Perfect Wreck here 

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