Steve Vai On His Career And Guitars

Some interesting background on how to ‘make it’ in the music biz and some amazing up close views of a master guitarist at work…

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  1. Hi There Mattblick,
    On a similar note,, How much would a critical hand injury hurt a talented or famous or ambitious musician when they NEED their hands ot be fully usable to play their instrument??????

    what would have happned say if hendrix caught carpal tunnel or WORSE? during woodstock and could no longer player or play but not with the same dexterity?

    or a similar instance to a pianist or steve vai or ynge malsteem?

    would they be forced to drop their career??

    and what if a young but talented musician had it happen to the, would they be forced to throw away their dreams??
    All the Best

  2. mattblick says:

    Thanks Kenny

    I guess they could still compose and record music given the number of computer helps around.

    Are you unable to play at the moment?

  3. Kenny@ Guitar Lessons Singapore says:

    Hey There Mattblick,
    Thanks you for your post, Whether they’re guitarists with just have a few solo albums or their career is based on that sort of music. People like the following.

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    Steve Vai
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    Keep up the good work

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