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David Bazan is someone whose music I’ve been immersing myself in this year after several people have said songs like I Got Lost and Israel’s Praise sound like they’ve been hit with the Bazan stick. I really enjoyed the Great Discontent’s interview with him and the following quote stood out so much I blew it up and tacked it above my desk

If you want to do this [have a career in music] and be serious, you have to find your own rhythm independently of money or praise. If you can find that, then you can do it for a long time, but you can’t need more encouragement than you’re going to get. Needing recognition is natural, but you need to get by on very, very little if you want to not go crazy and be able to have a sustainable workflow

if you like it you can download an A4 version here

Something else to inspire you – Nicholas Tozier has an informative primer on ways to freshen up your song structure over at Song Written



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