There’s A Llama Where????


Here’s a link to a song by FAWMstar TV’s Kyle that really popular with some of my pupils. The chorus riff is as sticky as glue. (right click here to download the song)

I was heading down the stairs in the middle of the night
Thought I’d make a big ol sammich ’cause Dagwood is hella tight.
I opened my refrigerator. Much to my surprise.
There was a mighty llama, but a teeny tiny size.
I don’t know how it got there and I don’t know where it’s been.
But I think the llama’s eaten all my off-brand gelatine.
I have so many questions, but a llama cannot speak.
I tried to ask a few and in response it took a leak.

There’s a llama inside my fridge
There’s a llama inside my fridge
Am I freakin’? Yeah, just a smidge.
There’s a llama inside my fridge

I wondered what the damage was and so I took a peek.
The llama ate up all the pizza I saved from last week.
Not a big loss there, but I kept looking around.
It ate up the cannolis from the other side of town.
It ate my jams and jellies and it ate up all the steak.
To defrost it I had left it there. I guess that’s a mistake.
It ate up all my eggs, in fact I think it ate them whole.
This little tiny llama’s gotten way out of control!

There’s a llama inside my fridge…

My food was all but eaten and my sandwich dreams were dashed.
I guess I’m goin’ hungry ’cause I ain’t got any cash.
It made me super angry so I tried to pick it up.
The llama tried to bite me, so I said enough’s enough.
I tried to use some salad tongs to pick the llama up.
It ate them right in front of me! That little guy was tough!
I used a stick of dynamite to blow it all away.
My fridge might be destroyed, but I’ll save millions anyway!

There’s a llama inside my fridge

Here’s another fabulous song by TV’s Kyle

and here’s Kyle’s website

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