Israel’s Praise (Psalm 22)

Like us they were tempted to doubt and deny
An Indie Rock Lament
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My God, my God
Why have you forsaken me?
So far from saving me
So far from the sound of my cry
My God, My God
Don’t you hear when I pray to you?
Wasting my breath just to
Call out for help day and night?

And yet…

Our Father’s trusted you, Israel’s Praise
And never regretted the choice that they made
So we will trust in you too
Like us they were tested, like us they were tried
Like us they were tempted to doubt and deny
But still they trusted in you
And we will trust in you too
Israel’s Praise

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Songwriter/Singer from Nottingham, UK. My 2nd EP, Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky, is out now. I'm blogging (& podcasting) through the entire Beatles catalogue at Beatles Songwriting Academy. In my spare time I wish I had some spare time.
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