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FAWM is finished, I got ill over the holidays, my EP is approaching like a bullet train on buttered rails, the New Communication single is mixed and off to be pressed and it’s past midnight and I haven’t blogged for about two weeks.

So a FAWMer in New Zealand sent me a very nice message about Let’s Build An Airport and said he’s been listening to it since it came out on the FAWMpilation album last year. The comment really encouraged me and reminded me of a comment from ace songwriter Paul Williams (Bugsy Malone, Muppet Christmas Carol, The Carpenters) on the Sodajerker podcast (download it here). He said writers get paid 3 times

  • Free Therapy (know a lot about that one!)
  • Financially (sadly not so much experience)
  • and Heart Payment – when someone tells you how much your work means to them

the latter can really help you keep going. I can also help you make a real connection with the person you give it to. I’ve got to know several writers I REALLY respect by sending them thanks and specific praise for songs or parts that have really moved me.

Take a look at your mp3 playlist. Who is on there that you could email, tweet or whatever and say “this song really moves me”? Then DO IT!

I really ought to thank Dean Jackson from BBC Introducing East Midlands here for giving me a major heart payment by playing Let’s Build An Airport on his show and saying the following –

 Every now and again a song comes in and you think ‘it’s just so well crafted, it’s been written with such love and care and the attention to detail is extraordinary’ … it’s just brilliant isn’t it? Great track.

And here’s a bizarre band called Winny Puhh which translates as Winnie The Pooh – enjoy!

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