Demo: See How Great A Flame

Had this revival hymn knocking about forever. It’s a reworking of a jam by Charles Wesley. He wrote verses one and two, then I rewrote em and did the rest. It’s a bit too complex/weird for a congregation but if you like it leave me a comment…

Download See How Great A Flame Demo
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See how great a flame can spread
Kindled by a spark of grace
The love of Christ can raise the dead
And set the nations all ablaze
To bring fire on earth he came
Kindled in some hearts it is
Oh that all might catch the flame
Recieve the joy he longs to give

When the work first began
Small and feeble was it’s day
Soon the gospel swiftly ran
Soon it blazed a widening trail
Day and night it spreads and grows
Ever mighty to prevail
Ancient strongholds overthrown
It shakes the trembling gates of hell
Shakes the trembling gates of hell

Looking back through history
See the flame there in our midst –
The word run swift from Tyndale’s hand
The blazing coal touch Whitefield’s lips
Wesley’s heart with God’s grace burning
General Booth is trained for war
One hundred thousand lost souls turning
Just like Evan Roberts saw.

Jesus, Lord, you do not change
Yesterday, today – the same
We have heard of your great deeds
Send revival in our day
We are standing where they stood
In the weakness that they knew
All we have are empty hands
And hearts that long to burn for you
Hearts that long to burn for you

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