Top 10 Albums of 2013*

1) The Wilderness – ks Rhoads

There’s nothing lower case about ks’s (?) epic soundscapes. His debut album also contains some great tracks (Dark Hotel for one) but The Wilderness has been stuck on my mp3 player ALL YEAR LONG. You can check out the free sampler on noisetrade.

2) Clothes You Can’t Outgrow – Mountain Schmountain
2) Saturn Mexico – The Black Heartthrobs

Equal second – two self-released albums available on Bandcamp. Nottingham’s Mountain Schmountain write some of the most original songs on the planet (check out Unnatural Stances for one) and L.A.’s The Black Heartthrobs crankout super-melodic super-feelgood noisy indie rock.

4) Let It Beast/DJ BC presents The Beastles – DJ BC 

Hard to pick between The Beastles 3 albums and these two are neck and neck – but why not download em all and make your own Beatles/Beastie Boys mashupmixtape

5) Live at Electrical Audio – David Bazan

Bazan’s live in the studio ‘best of’ contains my favourite version of Magazine

6) The Riddle (Expanded Edition) – Nik Kershaw

30 years on this album still hold up as a shining example of uber clever hooky pop writing

7) Beardytron 5000 mkII debut Pune, India – Beardyman

Beardyman unleashes the power of several ipad, and incredible set of vocal chords and a musical genius brain. Powerful grooves, athletic melodicism and at least one hilarious trainwreck in completely improvised live set.

8) Stack-A-Tracks – Jellyfish

Just the backing tracks from 2 classic 90’s albums. A heartbreaking work of staggering pop genius.

9) Great Balls Of Fire! – The Best of  – Jerry Lee Lewis

They didn’t call him the killer for nothing.

10) EI8HT – Nik Kershaw

Brillaint tracks like Runaway, The Sky’s The Limit and The Bell rub shoulders with others that are merely very good.

honourable mentions

Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin

It may have some average tracks but it demonstrates what it means to be an album.

The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind – Ben Folds Five

A perfecly credible return from BFF boosted by a handful of awesome tracks like Draw A Crowd, Erase Me and the title track.

Check out
The Black Heartthrobs on Beatles-influenced songwriting
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*as always these are merely the albums I heard in 2013.

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  1. Jose Benitez says:

    The Black Heartthrobs rock! Their album is always playing in car.

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