Top 10 Films of 2013*

*watched in 2013!

1) True Grit
2) The World’s End
3) Gravity
4) The Three Stooges
5) Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
6) Thor: The Dark World
7) Les Miserables
8) Jaws (Reissue)
9) The Sunset Limited
10) Ice Cold In Alex

honourable mentions

Rockin’ documentaries – The Other F Word, The Promise: The Making Of Darkness On The Edge Of Town. Still crazy after all these years – Blazing Saddles, Enter The Dragon. I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to get to see these – The Sixth Sense, Serenity, Tin Tin & The Secret Of The Unicorn. Slightly brainless action 2 Guns, The Raid. Slightly religious films – Dogma, Blue Like Jazz.

TV seasons Lost (everything except season 3 and I loved the ending thank you very much), The Thick Of It – haven’t seen the final season yet.

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