Horribly DeFAWMed (Slight Return)

Here’s 4 songs plus interviews from Sea Monster Eyes – a great band (featuring 3 former pupils) who have grown into amazing prolific songwriters

FAWM Report

Yesterday I finished FAWM 2014. Well actually I finished this morning at 2:25. Given the level of illness, physical injury and general mental imbalance that FAWM can generate I think I got off pretty lightly this year. I wrote, co-wrote or collaborated on 24 songs in 28 days. I’m going to spend March revising the demos (including an album full of songs co-written with young pupils) and rolling them out here on www.MattBlick.com

I’m toying with a 3 month cycle of
writing like mad
demoing and releasing
going through old ideas editing and working on raw material.

We’ll see.


Over Feb I posted 28 songwriting tips derived from the Beatles on Beatles Songwriting Academyget them here

Aaron Krerowicz is a blogger musicologist who I have a strong suspicion is WAY SMARTER than me. He has a Beatles blog and another on the music of Star Wars. Did you know some of the most famous themes appear to be ‘borrowed’ from another film? Check it out.

Nicholas Tozier my blogging buddy from Maine wrote a piece about songwriting so moving I almost cried. I love getting songwriting idea from unusual sources so his ‘Song Written‘ post on poet Sylvia Plath was right up my street. It covers points like There’s no romance in being a “tortured genius” and this brilliant quote about finishing the songs you start

By the time of her death, on 11 February 1963 Sylvia Plath had written a large bulk of poetry. To my knowledge, she never scrapped any of her poetic efforts. With one or two exceptions, she brought every piece she worked on to some final form acceptable to her, rejecting at most the odd verse, or a false head or a false tail. Her attitude to her verse was artisan-like: if she couldn’t get a table out of the material, she was quite happy to get a chair, or even a toy. (From Ted Hughes’s introduction to The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath)

Some of my FAWM songs might only end up being a chair or a toy (or even an opportunity to teach a young person how to ‘make a chair’) but I’m sure writing all these songs strengthens me as a writer.


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