Mike, Chuck, Harold & Eglon

Songs, songs, songs, they pour out of me
Not all of them are worth finishing
But you got to finish them to see

Mike ViolaSecret Radio from the album Acousto De Perfecto

A great song that really sums up what I’m learning about writing songs.

And visual artist Chuck Close could have been taking about FAWM when he said

Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work

But today (Sunday) I haven’t been ‘showing up’ – I’ve been having a break, going to church, tidying up, watching a couple of Harold Ramis films. And making notes on which songs need work in march. First up – I’m going to try to get the Shrove Tuesday demo up for Pancake Day.

Speaking of mad songs The Eglon Song has been downloaded some 800 times now

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