Monkey Umlaut

After spending most of yesterday recording and editing, and most of today teaching and recording I was just too burnt out to do anything when I got home. I trudged over to Shabby Road for more teaching and a blog post (for wed) after falling asleep in front of the surprisingly good Space Chimps.

The film’s closing song is Another Postcard by the endlessly witty (Steven Page-era) Barenaked Ladies, a group that, like a million misspelled, mis-umlaüted, metal bands, obviously acquired their name in pre-internet times.

Not many white Canadians would dare to cover a Public Enemy song (and do it so well) but I see then as heralds of the future – rap music will become the folk music of the 22nd century – faithfully reproduced by people who have nothing in common with the people who created it and have little idea of what the words and phrases actually meant.

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