Shrove Tuesday

Let’s shrove till we’re all shroved out!
The true meaning of pancake day. Maybe not.
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Today is pancake day
Perhaps more accurately named
‘Shrove Tuesday’
Cross the lonely miles I drove
To bring my love a shrove.
Just for you babe
On Shrove Tuesday

It’s the very thing you need
It has several diverse speeds
And a foam-grip handle
With just a hint of cinnamon
And a pouch to keep attachments in
And a matching set of candles

It will last you all your life
If you only treat it right
‘Twill be faithful as a spaniel
Always keep the hinges loose
Never let the skin get bruised
And if in doubt consult the manual

What a fine Tuesday for shroving!
Let’s shrove till we’re all shroved out!
There’s no harm disclosing
That we are pro-shroving
‘Tis naught to be ‘shamed about!
A shrove in the hand
Of each woman and man
What a beautiful sight to see!
Keep your stoves and your pancakes
I’ll shrove till my hand shakes
Shrove Tuesday along with me!

Inflate the tyres every day
And replace the cooling tray
And you”ll never need another
But please don’t get too attached
Cos we have to give it back
It belongs to my Grandmother
(uncomfortable flashback) Granny! Granny!
Grandmother you cantankerous old battleaxe!

What a fine Tuesday for shroving!…

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