Weird But Cool: The Caravan Journey

One of the things I love about music is how it has no respect for racial differences or political borders. Here is a video of crazy Japanese band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (aka Skapara or TSPO) playing a song called Skaravan. It’s a modern reworking of a 1965 track by Jamaican band The Skatalites which in itself was a ska or ‘2 Tone’ version of a tune called Caravan.

Caravan was first recorded in 1936 by Duke Ellington, an African-American jazz-orchestra leader. It was written by Juan Tizol Ellington’s Puerto Rican trombonist.

So from Puerto Rico, to New York, to Jamaica, to Japan – this tune has been on a 78 year journey so far. Where will it go next?

It’s true, music is a universal language

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