EP #2 Diary – Part 3

The holidays have been over for a week, got all the cello done in two sessions. Last night I received my first rough mix of song 1. Mixed down song 2 and emailed to Australia for my bassist friend to weave her magic. Still working on the vocals for the same track. I’ve realised the massive psychological difference in recording the tracks that I ‘thought’ were demos and were later transformed into ‘proper’ tracks, and recording KNOWING it’s going to be released. Oh The Things You Will Second Guess!

Ariel from Buenos Aires sent me some information on the statues that will appear on the cover of the EP. Apparently they were are intended to depict Beethoven’s 6th symphony 5th movement. Feels weird and kind of ‘right’ that it should be based on a piece of music by one of my heroes which depicts the aftermath of a storm.

The photo is a section of Bound For Glory by Woody Guthrie which he describes being in the path of a cyclone (tornado ‘sings’ better than cyclone).

Woody Guthrie, he saw the tornado
Raping the earth like a plough
The ground and the sky locked in combat
Like neither would ever back down…

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  1. Mat says:

    Can’t wait for this to be released!

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