Best Titles In FAWM 2015

Naming a song is an art in itself. Here’s my favourite attention grabbing, funny or profound titles from this year’s February Album Writing Month

(Don’t Want To Be (Your)) Marginalia – keithbarrette
Adventure Next, Coffee First – dashboardchicken
Aurora Boring Alice – pugetive
Bacon Monkey – stevenwesleyguiles
Burning Down The Outhouse – pfoo
Clutter, or, A Spirited Defence of the Curatorial Disposition
 – hamiltonpoolhall
Did You Google It? – jodv
Donald Duck And His 4k Ton Death Machine – defaultdave
Drinking About You – melissaschiller
Fermata Over a Whole Rest as a Pun – nuclearbubblewrap
Friday Night Shirt – jamesstaubes
I Don’t Remember Asking You A Goddamn Thing – jodv
I Gotta Make This Belly Disappear – spunky4455
I Should’ve Hoarded You (For the Leaner Times) – danieljacob
I Thought I Got All The Bad Parts Out – beautyspot
I’m Really More Of A Cat Person – adnama17
I’m Sorry That I Killed You In A Dream – vomvorton
I’m The Only Girl Left In Salt Lake City – adforperu
If Poop Could Crap – robynmackenzie
If This Is The Solution, I’d Like To Have My Problem Back – Ampersandman
If You Paid Attention I’d At Least Be Getting Paid Something
- wen
Jesus F**k It’s Like 8 In The Frickle-Fracking Morning
 – wen
Keep Dancing and Ignore the Aliens – pfoo
Lovely Lily Ladies Ululating On The Landing – toms
Maximally Random 4/2 – willoww
Micro Management Man – zecoop and seemanski
Monster Truck Animal – rodeoboats
Mr. Resistible – stephenwordsmith
Narcoleptic Booty Caper – bigmart
Nipples – mattgriffo
Old Black Pickle Balls Revisited – ieatpants
Positive Tweets – katoninetails
Put Some Pants on Your Jesus
- yellowgrassband
Put the Dishwasher On – jaegerin
Running From The Too Much Air – slimeminister
Seriously, Cat, You Couldn’t Leave That Alone For One Second?
- robynmackenzie
She Came From Away – robinh
Someone Please Send Me A Hurdy-Gurdy – jamesrdevries
Space Boob Yoga Music – santadharma
Spiteful Bloodyminded (That’ll Show ‘Em) – bittersweetdb
Sporting My Travelling Moustache – lightninglucas
Sweet Flower You Don’t Open Easily – brokentooth
The Fault in Our Death Stars – nuclearbubblewrap
The Furious Engines of Heaven – sapient
There Is No Title, But I Guess That’s Probably Going To Be The Title – wen
There’s A Peanut In My Food – drivelmonk
This Is The End, or A Clock That Goes To Eleven Is A Sh***y Clock, But Sometimes That’s What You Get – wen
This Song Is Going Where The Sun Don’t Shine – roelvanveldt
Too Far Gone To Go Anywhere – matthew62
Viking Spelunking Fiasco – headfirstonly
We Love Our Monsters – Susyblue
We Shouldn’t Care About The Colour of His Hair or The Length of His Skin – tinam
Whatdoyoumeanyoudontwanttohavesexwithme – chrishope
When the Sun Finally Warms My Face I’ll Be Free – stevenwesleyguiles
Wow, Look At That Creepy Guy With A Hook Over There. Let’s Split Up Or Go To The Basement Or Undress – zecoop
Yelling Drunk At A Rug On The Wall – deerleader
You And Your Beliefs – popmythology
You Got Butter in Your Car – drivelmonk
You Have Nice Eye Muscles – expendablefriend

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