FAWM 15 (pt.3) More Co-Writes

As well as all the cool song I collaborated on with Liz Frencham I co-wrote a bunch of stuff with others. Here’s the more normal stuff

If You Screw Up – I sent a very slender lyrical premise to the mysterious Hamilton Poolhall (Texas) and he came back with this incredible bittersweet ballad. I tidied up a few lines and it was done. I said on the fawm site “Hamilton was looking in my fridge and found a small tupperware container of leftover lyrics and he cooked up this magnificent feast – fit for a king! I wish I could play guitar like this, and so do you”.

Daniel Jacob Horine (California) did pretty much the same thing with Whose Side Are You On Jesus? Though he got a whole chorus and part of a bridge from me rather than just lyrics but like Hamilton he took it in a whole new direction and created a cool fully realised demo.

Hug Me, Drug Me  with Ben Purscell (Pennsylvania) and A Little Spillage with Stephen Wordsmith (New Zealand via France) were both lyrics that I found late in FAWM and feverishly set them to music. Both were being written as I recorded them. Everything on HMDM is first take, which accounts for the fact that there a D major chord in the first chorus which never appears again. And I only decided to sing in a cockney accent halfway through recording A Little Spillage. Very rough, but fun to do and may have a life post-fawm.

Christ Will Come Again was a co-write with Steven Wesley Guiles (California). The initial chorus was mine then we went back and forth, Steven throwing in ideas and being a sounding board. After the demo was posted other FAWMers (Petra Cook, Michael Karns, Izaak Alexander, Jon Nelson) came forward to add vocals and other instruments.

Coming Soon: FAWM Experiments – Failed And Otherwise

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