FAWM 2015 Songs (pt. 1)

For FAWM 2015 I managed to write 20 songs and recorded guitar for two more tracks by others. All the songs were recorded during February, so they’re rough, and as most of the tracks are hosted on the site the links won’t work beyond Dec 2015. Which is as it should be – there will be better versions of the good tracks (check here) hopefully by then and the bad tracks will be forgotten (as they should be).

Solo Songs

I kicked off FAWM with the Firstfruits challenge (write a song dedicated to God). Bedtime Prayer was an idea I’d had for a long time for a child’s sung prayer that could be adapted to fit in the names of family and friends.

Shadow came from a page of lyrics that didn’t fit with the rest of the song it was part of (working title is Boxes/More Than I Can Carry) I bulked out the lyrics with odd lines from my odd line folder. I premiered this at the First Tuesday Songwriting Group and got some very helpful feedback.

Polishing A Turd came from the realisation that I was doing exactly that by trying to demo I Want You… Version 1 (here). I literally turned over the lyric page and wrote this song on the back. Three Chords and The Truth. Really like this one.

Ghosts came from a rejected lyric from the Neverborn project. I could never make the right point in this song. Many years later I realised I didn’t have to make a point. Just let the imagery speak for itself and let the listener draw their own conclusions. Musically I wrote a riff that was too much like Come Together. I kept the rhythm and changed it from the pentatonic to the blues scale. Then I changed it again to the harmonic minor. The combination of gothic sounding scale and swinging rhythm really inspired me.

Clockwork Underground started from a load of lyrical ideas. When I typed them up I realised I had a whole song’s worth and I’d had forgotten what some of them meant (I totally missed the play on words of “Render to Caeser the day – Carpe Diem” and “Swallowing camels whole while straining natural selection…”. Took a lot of work to get the words to flow and don’t think I’ve nailed the choruses yet.

More FAWM Songs Coming Soon – Co-Writes And Experimental Tracks

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