The Return Of Scorzilla The Gorilla

I’ll take a moment to speak about Scorzayzee  I don’t write enough about the music that really moves me because I want to do it justice and never find enough time to gather my thoughts. So this will be short but don’t let that fool you. I love this album – Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle. (Stream it on Spotify or buy it on Amazon).

Scorz has walked a hard road the last few years battling drugs, mental illness, media backlash. What I love about this album is the blend of spirituality, humour and honesty. A lot of artists are afraid to look stupid or weak. Others fear exposing their spiritual beliefs to potential ridicule. Others want to hide their embarrassing beginnings and create a myth of the perfectly formed artist suddenly appearing. But Scorz breaks all these taboos and sometimes on the same track.

It’s hard to do this album (and artist) justice but this double album – 28 tracks – is well worth your time and your money. I’ll say it again – Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle. Stream it on Spotify or buy it on Amazon).

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