10 Things That Didn’t Get Enough Love in 2015

10 Things That Didn’t Get Enough Love (Even If They Got Some) in 2015 (Or Any Other Year) And You Should REALLY Check Out (If You Haven’t Already).

All of these made my top 10’s but dammit – I need to say more!


Alone At The Microphone (David Bazan)

Unplugged music videos filmed at home and in his car plus interviews. $5 for the film and mp3s. Download here.

Safety Fifth or LYA (Mucca Pazza)

Can’t decide between Chicago punk rock marching band’s two most recent albums. Buy them here. Watch them here.

Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle (Scorzayzee)

Rap with self-depreciating humour, raw brokeness, spirituality and a Notts accent. Read about it here.



Got a lot of love, but not enough.

Bad Words

Jason Bateman‘s hilarious and moving non-PC comedy about man entering a child’s spelling bee. He plays a man determined to offend everyone he encounters but finds himself befriended by a lonely Indian boy. The film bombed but I can’t help feeling it was misunderstood. Red band trailer. Amazon UK link.

Inherent Vice

Some people complained the plot was impossible to follow. But then some people would say that. Trailer.


A heartwarming indie movie about a guy making delicious sandwiches. A live action remake of Ratatouille starring lots of REALLY famous people. The fever dream of Tony Stark’s chauffeur while lying in hospital with the cooking channel on. You decide. Trailer.


An ultra low budget British comedy about two psychic ‘house-cleaners’. Incredibly inventive, visually brilliant and succeeds in painting a fully realised world with only the simplest of brush strokes. Trailer. Amazon UK. Google Play.


Team of Rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin)

A massive book about Abraham Lincoln’s election and cabinet which never gets boring or confusing for a minute.

TV Show

Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell

Another fully realised world – post-magic Georgian England. A great setting of a fantastic book. Enzo Cilenti is utterly compelling. Trailer.

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