Faster (Than The Speed Of Light)

Your fuel-injected heart is a battering ram
A fast song about fast things
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I’ve noticed that almost all my songs tend to be around 120 bpm – I’ve no idea why. So I deliberately set out to write a fast song. I also had an idea that to make a song that appealed to people who sync music for films and TV you should include the key search terms in the title and lyrics. So this is a song expressly written for a cool car chase in a film. So if you saw it in a movie my shameless sellout plan worked!

I wrote and recorded the music in about an hour. The track then sat on my hard drive for a bout 2 years till I laboriously brainstormed the lyrics. I tried to keep everything unified image wise but a few random things snuck in – sharks and wolves, ships and rollercoasters and … er… gum.

The “bad news travelling faster than the speed of light” idea came from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy: “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws”

White lines, tyres scream
You drink a little blood with your gasoline
No plates, no belts
I wouldn’t bet on any hand you dealt
You shift gears, shift blame
Trouble is your first, last and middle name
Roadkill, I’m struck dumb
Chewed me up like a stick of gum

Bad news moves faster than the speed of light
You move faster than the speed of light
I don’t like to fuss or fight
But baby, you’re bad news

Raw truth, you can’t swerve
Chase you down on a deadman’s curve
Pure speed, you overtake
Are you a junkyard dog or a dashboard saint
V8, twin cam
Your fuel injected heart is a battering ram
Your blood is calling sharks
And the wolves are howling for you, darling, out in the dark

Bad news moves faster than the speed of light…

Won’t kneel and pray, no changing lanes
St. Christopher ain’t taking your calls today
That ship has sailed, your saint has bailed
Your brakes have failed
Now you’re a rollercoaster bout to jump the rails

Bad news moves faster than the speed of light…

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