New Song: You Know What We Need

The strongest person is the one who knows they’re weak
EveryONE Is Broken aka The basement is where the real church gets done
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This song was frankensteined together during FAWM 2016 from various song corpses. I had two sets of lyrics called 12 Step Religion and God Doesn’t Love Me Anymore and I bolted them to a chorus called You Know What We Need (written in 2012) and Major 6th Melody (written in 2011) became the verse. The only problem was both the chorus and the verse came with their own pre-choruses attached and neither one fitted the opposite section. But the pre choruses did work together. So this song has two – the “strongest person” pre-chorus and the “lost sheep” pre chorus.

I really like the way the lyrics just lazily run on especially the ‘Joseph’ part that just carries on into the pre-chorus. I also enjoyed the key changes I put in the bridge. I’d love to hear a children’s choir singing that one day…

Jesus in the basement working through the 12 steps
While up in the sanctuary someone records a worship CD
Down in the basement, Gloria is telling us when
She last took a drink and John says, “I think
The strongest person is the one who knows they’re weak”
And Davey, who keeps shaking and white-knuckling his seat, whispers
“Lost sheep don’t want to be found,
No matter how sweet Amazing Grace sounds

But you know what we need
You know what we need
You know what we really need”

Jesus in the basement gives away his last cigarette
To the girl with no teeth who’s been clean for three weeks
While in the basement Joseph confesses he slept
With a guy for some coke but he still ends with a joke
About a nun that had some point that I forget.
I feel the fear and panic slowly coiling round my chest.
When the prodigal son makes it home
Can he live with himself and the damage he’s done?

You know what we need…

God doesn’t love us,
God doesn’t love us any more,
God doesn’t love us,
God doesn’t love us any less than before

You know what we need…

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