I’m Leaving Facebook

I’m leaving Facebook on Feb 7th


Yep – for reals. I won’t be setting it to private or anything like that. I’ll be deleting my personal profile, my artist page and the FB groups I set up for Beatles Songwriting Academy and First Tuesday Songwriter’s Group. Totally gone.


I’ve just have a growing conviction that FB is making the world a worse place and I don’t want to be a part of that process anymore. Trump, Brexit, Rohingya, Cambridge Analytica was made possible in part because our data is making money for Facebook, and the more angry and polarized we become the more valuable we are to advertisers.

And even if that’s impossible to prove or quantify – FB is making ME a more angry and reactive person for all the narcissistic-dopamine-junkie reasons you’d expect.

Most of all as I’ve thought about quitting FB, the FEAR I feel about how I could exist (as a person and a musician in 2019) without FB is the deciding factor. If I can’t live a meaningful life without social media then I’m probably already screwed.


Cos I want to stay in touch, you big dummy.

  • Drop me a line: matt@mattblick.com
  • Leave me a comment below
  • First Tuesday members? Sign up the the mailing list that I’ll be sending round and make sure I have your phone number.
  • FAWMers? I’ll see you over there.
  • Follow me on twitter. (You might find me in other places but I’m not really active so there’s not a lot of point).


Whenever I’ve tried to change my lifestyle, moderation hasn’t worked for me. So all in it is. I’m not saying FB is MORE evil than social media/the internet/modern technology or PEOPLE. It’s just I can’t live without Facebook. So I need to try. Maybe I’ll rejoin in a year. Maybe I’ll delete my entire online presence. Maybe I’ll live in a potting shed on the Isle of Arran. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a lovely life where I go round telling people the things I ‘like’ about them to their faces. Anyway, thanks for listening – I’m here for a few more weeks.

Love you all!

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