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Introducing Rachel McClean

… who played cello on my new record ‘Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky‘. You can hear her work all over ‘Fingernails’ (she also played on several tracks on my first EP Let’s Build An Airport) … Continue reading

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Appreciation: KS Rhoads – Hiyayayayayaya

The verses of KS Rhoads‘ incredible track Hiyayayayayaya seem to have been created from the ‘Build A Title’ game from the Doug Loves Movies podcast (let me know if it has an older origin). It was expertly transcribed, nay deciphered, on Jen … Continue reading

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Cleft – My New Favourite Band

Here’s two tracks from my latest band crush Cleft a two piece turbo-prog/math rock band from Manchester. What I dislike about them is that they were splitting up even as I ‘discovered’ them. What I like about them is the … Continue reading

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John Powell: Bourne To Compose

I’ve loved John Powell‘s film scoring ever since I saw The Bourne Supremacy. On the DVD bonus feature John talks about the way he used the piano/strings vs the dhols (drums) to communicate the two conflicting emotions of loss and … Continue reading

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My New Favourite Band…

…is Mucca Pazza. They are a punk rock marching band that doesn’t really march, but do use amplifiers built into their hats (when they’re not playing in someone’s office). Their compositions are really original and creative and since seeing this … Continue reading

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King Of The Blues

I like almost every style of music in the world but I only love a few artist in each genre that really connect with me. In the blues those artists would be Sonny Boy Williamson (I and II), Howling Wolf, … Continue reading

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The Return Of Scorzilla The Gorilla

I’ll take a moment to speak about Scorzayzee  I don’t write enough about the music that really moves me because I want to do it justice and never find enough time to gather my thoughts. So this will be short … Continue reading

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Appreciation: ks Rhoads – Orphaned

I think ks Rhoads is a great arranger and I love the way he manages to create such hooky wordless chorus melodies on tracks like Orphaned and Wilderness. But he’s also a lyricist who is able to conjure up rich … Continue reading

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David Bazan Takes First Bass

I really appreciate the way David Bazan reinterprets some of his older songs here. There’s not many guitarist who would switch to bass More Bazan stuff here

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Serious Like Weird Al (pt.3)

In previous posts I’ve started to build a case for why I think Weird Al Yankovic is one of the greatest lyricists of the present day, pointing out the way he fashions a completely new song while sticking closely to … Continue reading

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