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Weird But Cool: The Caravan Journey

One of the things I love about music is how it has no respect for racial differences or political borders. Here is a video of crazy Japanese band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (aka Skapara or TSPO) playing a song called Skaravan. … Continue reading

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Nile Rodgers Primer

One of the all time funk guitar greats, master arranger, stellar songwriter. Here’s a brief intro to Nile Rodgers And some other links Guardian beginner guide and a Spotify one

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A Band Is The Space Between Members

Everybody is familiar with the concept that something is more than just the sum of the parts (John+Paul+George+Ringo=The Beatles) but Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has a unique twist on that I think the problem with most modern bands … Continue reading

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Rewriting Motown

It’s amazing how a song can evolved even after you’ve released it, and it’s been a hit. Here’s Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell singing the original version of Ashford & Simpson‘s song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (written 1966, released … Continue reading

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Gizmotron vs Chromatic Vocal Loops

Been working out I’m Not In Love by 10CC in a lesson recently and did some research on the weird sounds on this hit song. Turns out the weird cello sound on the middle and end sections is an ancient … Continue reading

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We Will Not Reach The Lost If We Have Normal Hair

This made me laugh out loud several times – “You need to worship like Adam Clayton” Thanks to Mark Graham – an awesome bass player who ALWAYS plays 8th notes while looking worshipful. Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!Related … Continue reading

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You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Cay-Pos

Jamie Brown has posted and excellent video about using a capo in keys you wouldn’t normally think of. Go watch it now!!! …but…as this is the Internet allow me a little rant. I know England and America are two nations … Continue reading

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Bob Kauflin: Ineffective Tunes

Here’s Bob Kauflin at last year’s Desiring God conference having some fun with inappropriate music settings. The whole session is well worth a look. Watch, listen, or download the whole thing here. Related Posts: Worship God ’08 seminars part one … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Like You – oo – oo

Is it just me or does anyone else feel a migraine coming on just watching this thing, let alone using it? I have this crazy, out of the box, blue sky alternative –JUST LEARN TO PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT!Get some CD’s … Continue reading

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How High & How Wide (Finding The Right Key)

Bob Kauflin is always right on the money. Here he says just about everything you’d need to know about finding the right key to pitch songs in. There’s a wide variety of opinions when it comes to what’s an “appropriate” … Continue reading

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