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Why I Failed At FAWM

This year I only managed to write eight songs instead of fourteen. While the the usual suspects, hubris and illness, played a part, there were other aspects that tripped me up and I think they’re worth noting so I don’t … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Izaak Wierman – Setting Creative Limitations

Izaak Wierman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, music educator, and songwriter from western U.S.A. I met him through FAWM and asked him about his view on limitations (natural and self-imposed) as a songwriter. There Is Always Some Kind Of System Music is organising … Continue reading

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Music/Film Mashup Titles

Here’s the best of a thread I started on FAWM. This is the work of many fawmers (those I could remember name checked at the end…) Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey Tribute Band System Of A Downton Abbey Kill Bill … Continue reading

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Funnest FAWM Feedback

FAWM is a perfect storm of witty articulate people who are totally burnt out, with makes for some great left field stream of conciousness comments when people are giving you feedback on your songwriting. Taken out of context they’re even … Continue reading

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FAWM 2015: Best Liner Notes

Here’s a few of the funniest liner notes from my fellow FAWMers – just for fun! Influences I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention Black coffee, affordable beer, Elliott Smith The sweet harmony of the energy … Continue reading

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Best Titles In FAWM 2015

Naming a song is an art in itself. Here’s my favourite attention grabbing, funny or profound titles from this year’s February Album Writing Month (Don’t Want To Be (Your)) Marginalia – keithbarrette Adventure Next, Coffee First – dashboardchicken Aurora Boring Alice … Continue reading

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FAWM 15 (pt.4) Experiments – Failed And Otherwise

For the past few years I’ve been toying with getting additive structures into pop songs. You can hear that in different ways in Different, Fresh Meat, Tear This Temple Down and Vengeance Is Mine. I Want You To Try Telling Me Who Lied When We … Continue reading

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FAWM 15 (pt.3) More Co-Writes

As well as all the cool song I collaborated on with Liz Frencham I co-wrote a bunch of stuff with others. Here’s the more normal stuff If You Screw Up – I sent a very slender lyrical premise to the mysterious Hamilton … Continue reading

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FAWM 2015 Songs (pt.2) Co-Writes

If for no other reason I love taking part in FAWM because every year I get to discover unsung but brilliant writers and musicians. Last year I came across UK singer/songwriter Expendable Friend, Texan guitarist Hamilton Poolhall and Australian upright bassist/singer Liz Frencham. … Continue reading

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FAWM 2015 Songs (pt. 1)

For FAWM 2015 I managed to write 20 songs and recorded guitar for two more tracks by others. All the songs were recorded during February, so they’re rough, and as most of the tracks are hosted on the site the … Continue reading

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