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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

…but you will be able to download it from the iTunes store. Musicians at large are totally locked into the Apple ecosystem (me too). Watching the CompassionArt DVD a while ago really brought it home. The sad thing is this … Continue reading

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One Direction In Scary Film Trailer

A great redubbing of One Direction’s Gotta Be You video But my favourite by the Bad Lip Reading guys is still the NFL (American Football) clip compilation

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Who Needs Comments?

  Art is not born in a vacuum… but it’s not born inside a tornado full of shrieking trolls, either Do we need to encourage people to comment on everything we create? Oatmeal has a funny take on it

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The Eglon Song Breaks China

A friend who’s a long time fan of The Eglon Song told me his brother had just preached a sermon in China and played the congregation this song. He said they liked it. I can only assume his subject was … Continue reading

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Dr Who Rocks

Dr Who is really popular with people I teach but unlike most shows they keep changing the flippin’ theme tune! If you want to hear how the music has changed over the 50 or so years check this out… And … Continue reading

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There’s A Llama Where????

  Here’s a link to a song by FAWMstar TV’s Kyle that really popular with some of my pupils. The chorus riff is as sticky as glue. (right click here to download the song) I was heading down the stairs … Continue reading

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Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

Posted this a long time ago but it’s worth revisiting – rather than a random Youtube clip it’s actually an award winning Swedish film by Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson called Music for one apartment and six drummers. Got … Continue reading

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What do you do when your drummer gets raptured?

Just carry on.   Random thoughts (a la Matt Redmond) 1) It’s OK he’s still smiling. 2) Boy I hope that song has some doctrinal content in the verses 3) I’m sure this freebie from Sovereign Grace does (free mp3 … Continue reading

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He’s Toying With You

Mystery Guitar Man (Joe Penna). Without the guitar. Awesome. Related Posts: Machine Music Video

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Machine Music Video

Is this the ultimate driving song? This video from American actor and director Julian Smith(a full-time maker of viral videos) takes a little while to get it’s groove on so be patient and you’ll be rewarded with a ‘banging’ tune. … Continue reading

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