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Pitch Shifting In Garageband

In response to a question on the FAWM forum here’s how to pitch shift audio files in Garageband First select the track you want to work on Click on cmd E to open the editor window at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Tom Waits On … Catching Songs

Just ’cause you’re not fishin’ doesn’t mean there aren’t fish out there. You can go out there when you want, when you’re ready to do it . . . We’ve got a piano called a Fisher. And that’s what we … Continue reading

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Rick Rubin on Songoverwriting and Underproduction

Rick Rubin gave a brilliant interview to Andrew Romano’s in the The Daily Beast. Here’s some excerpts on songwriting and producing I’d say [to Kanye] “This song is not so good. Should I start messing with it?” And he’d say, “Yes, but … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs And The Rewind Button

I got the biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs for Christmas. I was hoping for some insight on how to be a creative thinker but it’s actually a pretty depressing read and there is little in the way that Jobs … Continue reading

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