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A Little Spillage

Tagged:  2015  A Little Spillage  Children's Songs  Comedy  Fawm  Folk  Humour  Most Recent  Music Hall  Silly  Stephen Wordsmith  Time Changes

Advice Regarding The Treatment Of Bullet Wounds no. 2

Tagged:  2013  Advice Regarding The Treatment Of Bullet Wounds no. 2  Blues  Dark  Demo  Gun Safety  Guns  Humour  Love

Better For Me If I’d Never Been Born (MP3)

Tagged:  2011  Better For Me  Classical  Dark  Folk  Spiritual  Studio Recording


Tagged:  2011  Brother  Demo  Rock  Spiritual

Brother Bull (MP3)

Tagged:  2011  Brother Bull  Folk  Humour  Love  Studio Recording

Bullingdon Boys

Tagged:  2015  Angry  Bullingdon Boys  Demo  Humour  Most Recent  Political  Pop Punk  Protest  Punk

Cast Aside Your Rebel Flag

Tagged:  2014  Cast Aside Your Rebel Flag  Dark  Demo  Hymn  Most Recent  Redemption  Spiritual

Cheese On Toast

Tagged:  2012  Cheese On Toast  Demo  Fawm  Hair Metal  Humour  Love  Power Ballad  Rock  Silly  Stadium Rock

Count Me Out (MP3)

Tagged:  2012  Ballad  Count Me Out  Dark  Demo  R&B


Tagged:  2013  Additive Structures  Autism  Demo  Different  Indie Rock  Most Recent  Rock

Djimi Traore

Tagged:  2014  Anthem  Beatles  Demo  Djimi Traore  Football  Football Chant  Humour  Liverpool  Most Recent  Pastiche  Rock  Stadium Rock  The Beatles

Don’t Bring Your Bongos To Church

Tagged:  2011  Demo  Don't Bring Your Bongos To Church  Humour  Rockabilly  Silly  Spiritual

Eleven Sweets

Tagged:  2011  Demo  Eleven Sweets  Fawm  Folk  Humorous  Kids  Most Popular  Reggae  Silly

Every Fist Was Once An Open Hand

Tagged:  2015  Demo  Every Fist Was Once An Open Hand  Folk  Most Recent  Political  Protest  Reconciliation  Secular Hymn

Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky

Tagged:  2013  Dark  Demo  Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky  Folk  Most Recent  Odd Time Signatures  Spiritual

Everything Is Broken

Tagged:  2010  Apologetics  Everything Is Broken  Odd Time Signatures  Rock  Spiritual  Studio Recording

Faithful And True

Tagged:  2011  Demo  Faithful And True  Gospel  R&B  Worship

Faster (Than The Speed Of Light)

Tagged:  2015  Demo  Faster (Than The Speed Of Light)  Most Recent  Rock  Speed  Velocity

Fat Flish

Tagged:  2011  Demo  Fat Flish  Folk  Kids  Silly


Tagged:  2012  Blues  Dark  Demo  Fingernails  Spiritual

First Black President

Tagged:  2009  Abortion  Blues  Demo  First Black President

Fresh Meat

Tagged:  2013  Additive Structures  Demo  Fresh Meat  Indie Rock  Most Recent  Rock

Great High Priest

Tagged:  2004  Demo  Folk  Great High Priest  Rock  Worship

Hard To Love

Tagged:  2012  Dark  Demo  Hard To Love  Indie Rock  Rock

Healing Song

Tagged:  2007  Demo  Folk  Healing Song  Ministry  Worship

Here At The End Of The World

Tagged:  2012  Demo  Here At The End Of The World  Humour  Love  Pop  Power Pop  Zombies

Hurt People

Tagged:  2014  Blues  Brokenness  Dark  Demo  Latin  Most Recent  Parenting  Psychoanalysis  Spiritual

I Got Lost

Tagged:  2011  Dark  I Got Lost  Rock  Spiritual  Studio Recording

If You’re Here This Morning

Tagged:  2011  Blues  Demo  Fawm  Humour  If You're Here This Morning  Most Popular  Spiritual


Tagged:  2016  Demo  Folk  Indie/Major Most Recent  Mountain Schmountain  Poetic  Style Parody  Through Composed

Israel’s Praise (Psalm 22)

Tagged:  2012  Dark  Demo  Fawm  Indie Rock  Israels Praise  Lament  Spiritual  Worship

Let’s Build An Airport

Tagged:  2011  Ballad  Lets Build An Airport  Love  Most Popular  Pop  Retro-Pop  Studio Recording

Losing The Light

Tagged:  2016  Dark  Demo  Losing The Light  Metal  Most Recent  Rock  Spiritual

Maybe Your God’s On The Toilet

Tagged:  2011  Demo  Humour  Maybe Your Gods On The Toilet  Rock  Satire  Silly  Spiritual

Me And The Devil

Tagged:  2014  Blues  Dark  Demo  Humour  Me And The Devil  Most Recent  Ragtime  Spiritual

More Than I Could Say

Tagged:  2008  Demo  More Than I Could Say  Pop  Rock  Worship

Never Be Silent

Tagged:  2011  Choir  Dark  Demo  Never Be Silent  Odd Time Signatures  Spiritual  World Music

Never In A Million Years

Tagged:  2011  Apologetics  Demo  Evolution  Humorous  Latin  Never In A Million Years  Rock  Satire  Spiritual

Not The End Of The World

Tagged:  2014  Dark  Demo  Fawm  Most Recent  Not The End Of The World  Power Ballad  Rock  Spiritual

One More Hour With You (A Christmas Song)

Tagged:  2012  Ballad  Christmas  Demo  Jazz  Love  One More Hour With You

Polishing A Turd (NSFW)

Tagged:  2015  Demo  Fawm  Humour  Let's Build An Airport EP  Mark Nelson  Most Recent  NSFW  Polishing A Turd  Pop Mythology (Website)  Pop Punk  Silly


Tagged:  2007  Ballad  Demo  Folk  Pop  Rise  Spiritual

Sadie’s Sister

Tagged:  2012  Beatles  Co-writes  Demo  Fawm  Love  Retro-Pop  Sadie's Sister  Stuart Kidd

Salt Water

Tagged:  2009  Abortion  Demo  Folk  Salt Water

Set In Stone

Tagged:  2013  Dark  Demo  Folk  Folk Punk  Identity  Most Recent  Punk  Set In Stone

Shang Ding Hong Song

Tagged:  Shang Ding Hong Song

Shrove Tuesday

Tagged:  2014  Demo  Fawm  Holiday  Humour  Most Recent  Music Hall  Opera  Shrove Tuesday  Silly

Son of God/God the Son

Tagged:  2008  Demo  Rock  Son of God/God the Son  Worship

Song Of The Redeemed

Tagged:  2004  Demo  Rock  Song Of The Redeemed  Stadium Rock  Worship

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade

Tagged:  Sweet Baby Hand Grenade

Tear This Temple Down

Tagged:  2013  Additive  Apologetics  Demo  Latin  Most Recent  Odd Time Signatures  Rock  Tear This Temple Down

The Architects Of Our Unhappiness

Tagged:  Demo

The Ballad Of NDC

Tagged:  2010  Demo  Humour  Music Hall/Vaudeville  Nottingham  Political  Satire  The Ballad Of NDC

The Eglon Song

Tagged:  2005  Blues  Demo  Humour  Jazz  Most Popular  Silly  The Eglon Song

The Facial Hair/Creativity Ratio Theorem (aka The Beard Song)

Tagged:  2011  Abba  Demo  Facial Hair  Humour  Satire  Silly  The Beard Song  The Beatles

The Greatest Commandment

Tagged:  2004  Demo  Kids  Latin  Most Popular  Rock  The Greatest Commandment  Worship

The Intergalactic Wizard

Tagged:  2012  Beastie Boys  Black Sabbath  Demo  Mashups  The Intergalactic Wizard

The Morning After The Day You Saved The World

Tagged:  2010  Demo  Rock  Stadium Rock  The Morning After The Day

The Soundcheck Song

Tagged:  2010  Blues  Demo  Humour  Most Popular  The Soundcheck Song

The Weight Of Glory

Tagged:  2007  Dark  Demo  Most Popular  Rock  Stadium Rock  The Weight Of Glory  Worship


Tagged:  2015  Alcohol  Demo  Harry Verity  Humour  Indie  Indie Pop  Love  Most Recent  Tonight

TU4TX (Thank You For The Cross)

Tagged:  2008  Ballad  Demo  Rock  Thank You For The Cross  Worship

Unnecessarily Pimped-Out Horse Truck

Tagged:  2014  Blues  Demo  Fawm  Humour  Jazz  Matt Wood  Most Recent  Story Song  Unnecessarily Pimped-Out Horse Truck

Vengeance Is Mine

Tagged:  2013  Apologetics  Dark  Demo  Folk  Most Recent  Rock  Spiritual  Vengeance Is Mine

When I Said “Stop Setting Things On Fire” I Really, REALLY Meant It.

Tagged:  2016  Avant-Garde  Demo  Experimental  Frank Zappa  Humour  Instrumental  Most Recent  Odd Time Signatures  Orchestral  Polytonal  Prog-Rock  Scott Bradley  When I Said “Stop Setting Things On Fire” I Really REALLY Meant It

Where Did The Time Go? (NSFW)

Tagged:  2015  Demo  Humour  Jazz  Liz Frencham  Most Recent  Odd Time Signatures  Time  Where Did The Time Go?

You Spoke The Stars (Mercy)

Tagged:  2010  Demo  Showtunes  Worship  You Spoke The Stars

Your Difficult Decision

Tagged:  2009  Abortion  Demo  Folk  Your Difficult Decision