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Jack Hardy’s Songwriting Manifesto

As told to Sharon Goldman. This post previously appeared on Sharon’s excellent Songwriting Scene website.  It was a huge influence on my starting the First Tuesday Songwriter’s Group in Nottingham. Reposted here with Sharon’s kind permission. Jack’s Songwriting Manifesto When … Continue reading

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Stone Soup For Ghosts

Songwriting is the very definition of optimism. A songwriter attempts to makes stone soup with the help of ghosts and fairies. A fisherman heads out hoping he’ll find a fish but a songwriter doesn’t even know if he’ll find a … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Nail

When Stephen King decided he was going to be a writer in his teens his first milestone was sending off a story to a magazine he hoped would publish it. As you might expect he got a rejection slip. No … Continue reading

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Why I Failed At FAWM

This year I only managed to write eight songs instead of fourteen. While the the usual suspects, hubris and illness, played a part, there were other aspects that tripped me up and I think they’re worth noting so I don’t … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Izaak Wierman – Setting Creative Limitations

Izaak Wierman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, music educator, and songwriter from western U.S.A. I met him through FAWM and asked him about his view on limitations (natural and self-imposed) as a songwriter. There Is Always Some Kind Of System Music is organising … Continue reading

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Matt Blick: Creative Insights Interview

Creative Insights Matt Blick interviewed by Henrique Fogli (originally published on Being a beatlemaniac, an aficionado about the creative process and a music student for about 3 years now made me come across a wonderful jewel on the internet, Beatles Songwriting … Continue reading

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Three Chords And The Truth: The Importance Of ‘Fact Checking’ Your Songs

Many years ago, I heard that legendary guitarist Ry Cooder was going to be doing a live taping at BBCs White City studios. As my sister lives nearby I felt we had a shot of getting a tape right into … Continue reading

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Ruining Songs With Science #3 – Like I Can (Sam Smith)

He could be a lawyer on a witness stand But he’ll never love you like I can, can But if he’s a lawyer he wouldn’t be on the witness stand. He’d be in front of it questioning the witness. Unless … Continue reading

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Filled Up With Bad Songs (Or Craft vs Inspiration Revisited)

Songwriting isn’t easy. Who said it should be? One reason to learn the craft is that we are filled with bad, boring and self indulgent songs that we need to force out before the fresh melodies and lyrics can flow. … Continue reading

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How To Catch A Song Without Killing It

The bad news is – you can’t. I’ve been thinking about the fear I sometimes have of working on a good song. When I’m uninspired the fear and loathing is easy to comprehend. I’m worried that I’m worthless and I … Continue reading

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